Baby Shower update

Our scheduled baby shower for Tiffany and Justice was cancelled on March 1st, due to the weather.  Finding a time to reschedule that works, both with Tiffany’s work schedule and the church calendar, has been difficult  We don’t want to Justice (who is already almost 3 months old!) to have to wait any longer, so we will be showering her with love and gifts this Sunday, March 8th.

Please bring your gift on Sunday (the 8th) to present to Tiffany after morning service. There will be a table for gifts and cards.  Below are some items that they need:

  • Girl Clothes, 3-6 months and older
  • Baby Wipes
  • Diapers, size 1 and larger
  • Baby Wash
  • Formula: Parents Choice Gentle for Fussiness, Gas & Crying (available at Walmart)

Thank you for being a blessing!