EK May slider

In May, the elementary children will learn lesson in endurance (sticking with what you’ve started, even when it gets tough).  We’ll learn from:

the disciples, who were given the big job of telling the world about Jesus.  It was hard, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, they stuck with it til the end.  (I can stick with it because God will help me.)

Paul and Silas, who kept praising Jesus, even after they’d been thrown in jail for talking about Him.  God rewarded them in a big way because of their faithfulness.  (I can stick with it even when things don’t go my way.)

our memory verse, Galations 6:9, which teaches us that there are good things in store when we stick with something that is good.  (I should stick with it because it’s worth it.)

John’s vision, which gives us a glimpse of the future (I can stick with it because God knows the end of the story.)

Remember, kids earn 5 Bible Bucks each week of May in which they can recite the memory verse from the picture above.  Help your child learn to keep God’s word in his/her heart.