Series Description:

Hide and Seek. Remember that game? Crouched in a corner? Trying to breathe without making noise? One person hides and another person seeks. That’s how it works. The truth is, it’s not all that different from our lives now. We may do it in different ways, but we are all trying to hide from things we don’t like–things like pain, embarrassment and fear. We hide from things that hurt us. On the flip side, we’re all seeking certain things too. We spend a lot of time and energy seeking acceptance, excitement, fun, and whatever it is that makes us feel good. The hard part is, either way we’re not always successful. What happens when our best efforts fail? When, no matter how hard we try, pain still gets in and happiness still gets away? Sometimes, part of growing up is deciding to stop playing the game.

Session 1: “The Pursuit of Happiness” (April 23):

What would make you happy? For most of us, the answer comes to mind pretty quickly. Is it a car? The right date? More freedom? We spend a lot of time and energy chasing down the things that make us happy. The only problem is that happiness isn’t easily caught. It’s slippery. We have it one minute and the next minute it’s gone. The chase begins again. But what if there was something better than happiness? What if there was something more constant that didn’t slip out of our grasp every time our circumstances change? There is and it’s called joy. And through the words of Jesus’ brother, James, we find that choosing joy is better than chasing happiness.