Series Description:

Have you ever had a moment that made you stop and think, “Wow, this changes everything?” Maybe it was finding out you didn’t make the team or that your parents were divorcing. Maybe it was finding out you’re good at something–or bad at something–that you didn’t expect. In these moments our lives change direction quickly. The funny thing is, nearly everyone who met Jesus had one of those moments. They came in with a plan, a direction, an identity. And as soon as they spent any time with Jesus, those ideas were turned upside down. As we look at four of these stories, we find that an encounter with Jesus has the power to flip our lives as well.

Session 3: “Does It Matter?” (March 19):

Everyone dreams about what they want to be when they grow up.  Maybe you want to be a doctor or an artist or an engineer.  Maybe you want to be known for being a great athlete or a great speaker.  Whatever it is, chances are you want to become someone or do something that you feel is important–something that matters and you work toward becoming whatever that is.  Jesus met a man who had already met his goal.  He was rich.  He was powerful.  He was well-known and important.  But surprisingly, Jesus said he still lacked something.  This young man had achieved everything that he thought mattered, but through his story we find that God wants more for us than just achievement or fame; He wants us to pursue Him first.