Series Description:

Have you ever had a moment that made you stop and think, “Wow, this changes everything?” Maybe it was finding out you didn’t make the team or that your parents were divorcing. Maybe it was finding out you’re good at something–or bad at something–that you didn’t expect. In these moments our lives change direction quickly. The funny thing is, nearly everyone who met Jesus had one of those moments. They came in with a plan, a direction, an identity. And as soon as they spent any time with Jesus, those ideas were turned upside down. As we look at four of these stories, we find that an encounter with Jesus has the power to flip our lives as well.

Session 3: “Peel the Label” (March 12):

Funny. Pretty. Jock. Nerd. Popular. Smart. Not Smart. We all have a tendency to label the people around us. In fact, we tend to label ourselves too. We think about ourselves in terms of categories. But, have you ever thought you gave someone the right label, only to find out that they were totally different? Or have you ever heard someone else label you and thought, “That isn’t really me”? That’s the problem with labels. They aren’t always true and, even if they are, they’re always changing. Nearly everyone who met Jesus had their lives flipped. In the case of a woman with the worst possible label, He changed her whole identity. He gave her a new label that would last–one that changed her whole world and can change ours too–because there’s a label that beats all other labels: His.