In February, the children will be learning about faith (believing in what you can’t see because of what you can see.)  We’ll be learning about faith from:

Peter, who witnessed a miracle and decided to put his trust in Jesus and to leave everything behind to follow Him (When I see how God provides today, it helps me trust Him with tomorrow.)  Luke 5:1-11.

Peter, who experienced something incredible when he focused on Jesus (When I experience what God can do, it helps me face my fears.) Matthew 14:22-33.

John, who quit doubting when he’d heard what Jesus had done in people’s lives (When I hear what Jesus had done, it helps me believe who Jesus is.)  Luke 7:8-22.

Nicodemus, who learns that Jesus is the only way we can have life with God (When I believe who Jesus is, I’ll live with God forever.)  John 3:1-21.

Remember, kids earn 5 Bible Bucks each week of February in which they can recite the memory verse from the picture above.  Help your child learn to keep God’s word in his/her heart.