In December, Driven will begin a new series of lessons, called “Christmas: Behind the Scenes.”

In the holiday season, the Driven schedule will be different.  Mark your calendars for the dates below:

Wednesday, November 27: No service.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, December 4: Driven at the Garage

Wednesday, December 11: Driven at the Garage

Wednesday, December 18: Driven Christmas Party at Pastor Jared and Megan’s

Wednesday, December 25: No service.  Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, January 1: No service.  Happy New Year!


Series Description:

We’ve all seen the nativity with perfectly positioned characters, well-behaved animals, and a holy glow surrounding it all. We see everyone in the scene as if they are one big happy family celebrating the first, and probably the only, perfect Christmas. Contrast this perfect picture with our own lives, our own families and holiday drama, and we may feel the Christmas story looks nothing like our own. But what if you were able to pull back the curtain and see past the picture-perfect silent night? When we look closely, we find that the REAL Christmas story, the uncut, behind-the-scenes version looks more like our own than we would have ever imagined. And the same God who scripted these imperfect characters into His story is calling to join him there as well.