In September, children in Eden’s Kids will be learning about courage (being brave enough to do what you should do, even when you’re afraid).  Courage isn’t being without fear; it’s how you respond in the face of fear.  We’ll be taking lessons in courage from:

Joseph, who trusted God, regardless of his circumstances. (I can be brave because I know God is with me.)

Moses, who tells God why he is not the person who should be used to save the Israelites, but he trusts God and does it anyway.  (I can be brave even when I don’t feel ready.)

Moses, who stood with his people between the Red Sea and an angry Egyptian army.  He trusted God and split the Red Sea in two.  (I can be brave even when things seem impossible.)

Joshua and Caleb, who were the only two Israelites to boldly say that God would provide a way for them to get to the Promised Land.  (I can be brave when others aren’t.)

Abraham’s Family, who stood against a city in order to see God’s promise fulfilled. (I can be brave because I know God keeps His promises.)

Remember, kids earn 5 Bible Bucks each week of August in which they can recite the memory verse from the picture above.  Help your child learn to keep God’s word in his/her heart.