In August, the elementary-aged kids will be learning about obedience (trusting those who lead you by doing what you’re asked to do).  We’ll be learning about obedience from:

Adam and Eve, who chose not to obey God and their decision led to permanent consequences.  (I should trust and obey, even when I think my way is better.)  We learn from them that our leaders see a bigger picture than we do, and we should trust their rules and guidance, while also understanding the consequences of our actions.

Noah, who obeyed every details of God’s instructions to him, even when no one else was.  (I should trust and obey even when others don’t.)

Abraham, who obeyed God even when he didn’t understand God’s plans for him.  (I should trust and obey even when I don’t know how it will all work out.) Genesis 12:1-5; 13:2-18; 15:1-6

Abraham, who was willing to sacrifice something what he loved.  (I should trust and obey even if it costs me something.)  Genesis 15, 18, 21, 22

Remember, kids earn 5 Bible Bucks each week of August in which they can recite the memory verse from the picture above.  Help your child learn to keep God’s word in his/her heart.  Make sure they’re at Eden’s Kids on Sundays for special instructions on memorizing this verse.