Series Description:

All of us, at one time or another, have dealt with—or will deal with—the temptation to walk away from Christianity or Jesus Himself. Thankfully, we are not alone. In fact, one of Jesus’ more famous disciples, Peter, faced the same issues we do—wrestling with guilt, doubt, and difficult dynamics with other people. But what Peter chose to do can offer us some hope in our own faith journey. Peter hung in there—he didn’t walk away, and as a result, his life was never the same.

Session 1:  Denied (July 17)

Maybe when you think about being a Christian, certain things come to mind of what you shouldn’t do or be. But you can’t ever seem to get it together. And even though you know what you should be, the feeling of guilt from falling short over and over again is overwhelming. Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples was familiar with the same kind of feeling, which could have caused him to walk away. But Peter didn’t walk away and you don’t have to either.