Series Description:

Jesus seemed to make it pretty simple when it comes to what following Him would be all about: love God and love others as you love yourself. But this simple command gets a lot more complicated when we don’t see God, ourselves, and others as we should. When we don’t see rightly, we don’t live rightly. So, how do we fix our broken view? How do we start living in a way that reflects Jesus’ intentions for our lives, and see the world the way we should? What we see is what we get. So, how do we see the right way?

Session Three: The Side of the Road (July 3)

If we were honest, I think many of us would admit that we tend to see ourselves as the center of the universe. We see people in light of what they can do for us, instead of what we can do for them. But in the Great Commandment, Jesus makes it clear that our call as Christians is to love our neighbor. So, who is our neighbor? And, how do we love them? Thankfully, Jesus doesn’t just tell us what to do, He tells us what this looks like.

** IMPORTANT REMINDER: Driven will not be held on Wednesday, July 10th while Pastor Jared and several teens are away at camp. **