Series Description:

We all deal with authority. Whether it’s our students dealing with parents, teachers, and coaches or us as adults in our work relationships, marriages and finances—authority is everywhere. As teenagers, most of us believe that if we can just grow up and get out—out of high school and out of our parent’s house—we will be free from authority. But the truth is, authority is always an issue. No matter how grown up we are we never out grow authority. When we look at what the Bible has to say about it, we realize that authority isn’t a bad thing. If we can learn how to respond to authority now—both the good and the bad—we will reap the benefits for the rest of our lives.

Session One: The Purpose (April 10)

Authority isn’t a word that most of us feel comfortable with. But for those of us who call ourselves Christians, authority—and how we deal with it—matters, because God created authority with a purpose and for a reason. He knows that when we step outside of authority, we do more harm to ourselves than it’s worth. We put ourselves in a vulnerable position. Even when everything in us wants to fight against it, true freedom is actually found within the bounds of authority.