XP3 Blessed


Series Overview:

Think about the last time you heard the word “blessed.” What came to mind? For many of us–and many of our students–the word “blessed” conjures up images of the coolest clothes, the newest gadgets and a worry-free life, but when we look at what God has to say about being blessed, we realize that we probably have things pretty mixed up, because, if being blessed is more about our relationships–and what we do with them–than the stuff we have, we may have some reevaluating to do in order to redefine what it means to be blessed and realize that we might just be more blessed than we originally thought.

Session One: What It Isn’t (January 9)

“God Bless you.” We say it all the time in all sorts of situations. But what does this little word “blessed” actually mean? All too often, we use it when we feel good and everything is going our way. But if this is our definition of being blessed, what happens when things aren’t picture perfect? What do we do when we feel more stressed than blessed? Because ultimately, being blessed isn’t about the things we have or the way we feel. It’s about becoming who God is shaping us to be.