As a parent, you may be aware of the curriculum that we use in our children’s ministry at Warsaw Assembly.  It is called 252 Basics and is produced by The Orange Group.  Whether you knew that or not, you certainly know that in our church we strive to be orange, merging the influence of the family and the church to raise up a generation of kids who love God and love others. 

252 Basics is named after Luke 2:52 which says, “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man” (NIV).  While your child will learn hundreds of Bible stories and at least 36 different virtues in their years in Eden’s Kids, we hope that they ultimately learn three basic truths.  First, to always make the wise choice (Jesus grew in wisdom).  Second, to trust God no matter what (and in favor with God).  And third, to treat others the way they want to be treated (and in favor with man). 

As we talk about KNOWLEDGE this month, these truths will become especially evident. 

During week one, we will learn about the boy Jesus teaching in the temple and our bottom line will be Since God knows everything, I should discover what God says.

In week two, we’ll learn how John the Baptist had to trust God’s plan even though he didn’t feel right about baptizing Jesus.  Bottom Line: When I discover what God says, it helps me trust Him more.

Then comes a low point in the story—Jesus being tempted in the Desert by the devil (Luke 4:1-13). He was able to use what He knew, and He was filled with God’s power to choose what was best, not easiest or quickest. Bottom Line: When I discover what God says, I can make wiser choices.

Finally, we’ll come full circle with Jesus as an adult teaching in the Synagogue of His hometown (Luke 4:14-30). What a surprising twist for the people who knew Him when He reads from Scripture and says He’s the one they’ve been waiting for, then leaves to start His ministry of healing and hope. Bottom Line: When I discover what God says, I know how I should treat others.